According to a legend, tea was discovered over two thousand years by the Chinese Emperor Shennong. One sunny day, he was sitting under a tea tree. His servant was boiling water. Along with the gust of wind, a few leaves from that tree fell into the jug. The unusual brew aroused the interest of the emperor, so he decided to taste it. He was delighted with the taste and the smell of this drink and so it became an integral part of the imperial court.

Legend has it that a coincidence contributed to the creation of black tea: a shipment of green tea transported to England got wet. And so, the tea leaves fermented.

One day a farmer was carrying tea leaves through the forest. Dusk was falling. Suddenly, a dragon appeared in his way. The man was so scared of the creature that he dropped his leaves and fled to safety. When he returned the next day, it turned out that the leaves had oxidized. The man decided to make tea from them, which turned out to be extremely pleasant to the taste. As a memento, he called her “Wu-long”, which means “Black-Dragon”.

Legend has it that mint comes from the Greek myth about a nymph named Menthe who lived in the Underground. She attracted Hades’ attention and became his mistress. Persephone, the wife of Hades, being jealous, attacked Menthe, trying to trample her to death. Hades, wanting to protect the nymph from the jealousy and persecution of Persephone, turned her into a plant with a unique fragrance.