Magnolia Association

Who are we?
Magnolia Association is a non-profit organization.  We gather people who love tea and are interested  in building an empathetic, sensible and healthy society that respects the natural environment. Through our work we want to achieve social justice by assisting in fulfilling one’s dreams, following one’s passions, promoting healthy lifestyle, art and creativity, taking care of the natural environment and providing access to knowledge to everybody, in particular young people, despite their economical,  family status or their origin and background.

What is our mission?
To share goodness and joy.

What is our vision?
We will be searching for a tolerant world which makes it possible for dreams to come true and where all the people live their lives with dignity and good health with respect for the natural environment.

What are our values?
Health, honesty, natural beauty, creativity, joy, passion, love, family, tolerance, sensitivity, justice, development and mutual support.