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­Permanent Educators

Agnieszka | English, Spanish and Polish as a foreign language tutor

Here’s Agnieszka. I make no attempt to hide that I am not a fan of the Polish education system. I am sorry when, despite the potential of both teachers and students, their development opportunities are limited. Above all, I believe in building relationships with students, although I know that not every teacher suits every student.

As for my education, so far I have graduated from Iberian Studies with a translation specialisation (BA studies), English Philology with a teaching specialisation (BA studies) and Spanish Philology, also with a teaching specialisation (MA studies). What’s more, I have a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate.

At work, I always count on the student’s suggestions, because we strive for mutual success. I am reluctant to stick to one textbook, I also like when the content of the tasks is unconventional and it is not possible to fill in the exercises blindly. I have been teaching online for 3 years and I am stubbornly testing new technological solutions. In my spare time, I sing, dance and polish my music theory.

Dorota | creative workshops

My name is Dorota and I work with preschool and school children on a daily basis, as well as run creative workshops for children. Concurrently, I am looking for interesting methods that develop creativity effectively. I am a graduate of the University of Gdańsk, and for over 12 years I have been working in a kindergarten as a teacher and tutor. For many years I have also been associated with the Odyssey of the Mind, an international educational program aimed at developing creativity in people of all ages.

I sincerely believe that creativity plays a very important role in the education process. Thanks to it, children are more willing to take up challenges, they try to solve the encountered difficulties, they create, act and dream. My work provides me with a lot of inspiration for work, which I share on my website Spędź Czas Kreatywnie, where you will find ideas for creative activities.

I have also collected my ideas for living a creative life in the book Dziennik kreatywny. Creativity has no limits, it opens up new possibilities for us, allows us to look at reality from a slightly different perspective and that is what makes it worth developing it.

Iza | Chemistry and History tutor

My name is Iza, I am a Chemistry and History teacher. I teach at the Nowy Świat Primary School in Gdańsk and the 3rd High School in Gdynia. I graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Gdańsk and postgraduate historical studies at GWSH in Gdańsk. I also completed an Egyptology course at The University of Manchester. Apart from ancient Egypt, I am interested in the history of the Holocaust. I run the blog Godzina z pomysłem. I invite you to look for inspiration. I am really into education based on relationships. In my free time I travel, I read books and go to the theater.

Julia | German tutor

Hi, my name is Julia. For years I have been teaching individuals German, proving that German is not a difficult language, on the contrary – it is easy and very logical.My greatest joy is to observe the discovery of young person’s language passion.

Apart from German, I am interested in: geography, psychology, dance. I love long, preferably mountain trips, during which I feel free and can breathe fully.

Join the German journey!

Lila English and Russian tutor

Hi, I’m Lila, I love seeing children and teenagers who discover their talents and find their passions. What gives me the greatest satisfaction at work is watching how the student, regardless of age, begins to see the meaning of discovering and learning. I believe that a language can be learned regardless of age, but it is important to be motivated and have a sense of meaning.

“To know another language is to have a second soul,” Charlemagne reportedly used to say. There is a lot of truth to that, at least for me. Speaking a different language makes me feel a bit different, even though I remain myself. I really like getting to know new languages, new people, their way of thinking, traditions and culture. Even if it is different, I respect that difference.

My ability to communicate freely in several languages ​​allows me to better select information and gain a certain independence, including from the mainstream media. And so, I agree with Ludwig Wittgenstein when he argued that “the limits of my language are the limits of my world”. In the future I would love to visit Sri Lanka and learn Chinese. Probably because one of my passions is discovering the world of tea.

Victoria psychologist and psychotherapist

My name is Viktoria. I am a psychologist and psychotherapist. I have been working with adults and children for over 12 years. My goal is to help you and your children regain their mental balance, show you ways to overcome crises and build a new future.

I work with various techniques: neurolinguistic programming, cognitive-behavioral and systemic therapy, metaphorical cards and art therapy.

I believe that everyone is unique. Everyone can find their own way to a better future and their own place in life. In my work, I rely on the principles of respect, individual approach and confidentiality.

I believe everyone has everything they need for a happy life, to feel calm, safe and happy. But often they just don’t see how to achieve it. They don’t know how to discover their potential. Therefore, psychological help in this area is very important.

See you at our lovely meetings!


 ­Trainee Educators (Un)foreign Polish 03.2022-07.2022: Voluntary Action. Supporting Ukrainians in learning Polish

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Supporting Educators

Agata | English, Polish as a foreign language for children, Katerina | Ukrainian and Russian, Karolina | English and German tutor, Karolina | Polish as a foreign language, Magda | Chemistry, Biology and Maths tutor, Nadia | Ukrainian and Russian, Art Workshops