Painting with tea

What can you do with tea?  

What are unusual uses for tea?

If you want, you may even paint with tea.

Painting with tea

Did you know that you can get some beautiful tones of sepia from the tea? You can paint pictures with tea dye or just add unique effects to your pictures. It is not very complicated. You just have to brew more essential tea than usual. With black tea you can achieve various shades of brown, Pu-ehr will give you various shades of brown, gray and black, hibiscus – red and pink, rooibos – orange and warm brown, green tea – yellow.

All you need is hot water, your favorite tea bags or loose tea, mugs, brush, paper (the thicker, the better) and a pencil or crayons. Every time the effect may be slightly different, and the shades will surely surprise you. After all, variety is the spice of life.

What is more, the dyes from tea and herbal infusions are completely ecological. They do not have toxic compounds and are even safe for babies.

Tea inspired

The process of obtaining dye can be really exciting. Painting with tea is a very relaxing activity that will help you get away from the everyday routine. You can create pictures yourself, even if you are not a professional artist. It can also be a perfect family activity far away from smartphones, tablets and the TV.




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